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  • Note for user Account:
    • Student, Faculty & Staff : please enter your ID number.
    • Other patrons: please enter the barcode of your ID Card, and skip the “-“in the barcode.
  • Note for password : the password by default is as follows
    • For ROC citizens: Your ROC ID Number with the first letter in caps.
    • For foreign patrons: Choose one of the following
      • (1)Your ARC (Alien Resident Certificate) or Passport number with all capital letters.
      • (2)Last six digits of your Student ID Number + your birthdate(mmdd). e.g. If your Student ID Number is 106998776, and your birthday is 7/31, the password by default is 9987760731)
    • You can click the "Forgot password" button if you need a new password.
    • For the security of your personal information, please make sure to change your default password immediately as you log on to the system for the first time.
    • If any questions, please contact the circulation desk at ext. 42997, call (03)574-2997, or email to